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CSR is a complex dynamic concept which we simplify to make it practically implementable in your organization.

We form Strategic Impact Framework for your community engagement and sustainability activities. We formulate CSR Strategy and Policy Document for our clients.

Our range of services include –
Need Assessment Stakeholder Mapping Project Implementation Social monitoring Reporting & Communication

Need Assessment

Need Assessment is a process in which we study the present conditions, understand the desired requirements and map a chart to acquire the desired outcomes.

We follow step-wise solution for Need Assessment.

Step 1: Stakeholder mapping

Internal and external Stakeholder mapping is done based on the business of the client.

Generic Differentiation

Internal Stakeholders:

Employees, Shareholders, Suppliers

External Stakeholders:

Customers, Community, Clients

Step 2: Scientific tools for Need Assessment:

Different methodology for Need Assessment is used for each stakeholder.

We perform extensive and intensive need assessment activities by using tools such as:

FGD (focused group discussion), surveys, SWOT, force field analysis and others.

Research is conducted to create primary and secondary database for assessment.

Step 3: Analysis

Post understanding the social needs of the business and the community we form CSR projects by mutual consensus.

If the Case is for Baseline study then we find the gaps and strive to bridge them.

CSR Implementation

CSR Project implementation has always been a challenge. We have 3.4ml NGOs and bulging number of Social and Grass root level Entrepreneurs in India. Understanding the complex scenario we take extra efforts to hand pick the right implementation partners – NGOs or Social Entrepreneurs. We enable the corporate to build long term and lasting relationship with the implementation agency.

CSR Advisors also offers joint implementation of CSR projects with it’s clients.

Please find more about CSR Solutions on: www.csrsolutions.net

Social Monitoring

We customize social monitoring activities based on the client and project requirements.
Different tools used:

Performance indicators
The logical framework approach Theory-based evaluation Formal surveys Rapid appraisal methods Participatory methods Public expenditure tracking surveys Cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis Impact evaluation

We also make customized software tools for auto-socio monitoring.

Impact Assessment is a process in which we examine the impact of your CSR projects on the economic, environmental and social fields. We outline advantages and disadvantages of each alternative and examine the possible synergy and trade-offs.

Impact assessment studies are conducted in rural and urban slum areas. The tools and methodologies used are customized in accordance to the project.

Some of the tools used by us:
Analytical Method, Consultation Methods, Observation and interviews, Participatory methods, Workshop based methods, Community based methods.

CSR Reporting

We undertake social impact reporting and GRI reporting and Integrated Reporting projects.

We emphasize on 360 degree CSR Communication and customize it respective stakeholders based on their relevant data requirements.

External Communications:

Our magazine "CSR Soul" is the first Indian magazine with International presence. Weekly workshops are conducted so that your company activities can be communicated within and outside the industry.

Internal Communications:

We customize CSR Communication based on the interest level of stakeholder. Categorization is done based on the business.

General categories:
Customers Employees Suppliers Investors Government Authorities

We offer Certificate Courses in different CSR Subjects.

List of CSR Certification Courses:

List of colleges where our courses are taught:

We conduct weekly workshops of various topics. Our schedule for the upcoming month:

To join us please mail: lamiya@csradvisors.net or fill in your details:

Interested in workshop name:

We organize CSR Conferences for networking among CSR Professionals, Social Organizations, Government, Educational Institutions and others. The contemporary subjects are discussed and innovative solutions are derived on discussion.

The CSR Show gives Platform to Corporates and Social Organizations to showcase their best practices and brainstorm on success and failure stories.

CSR Show is a huge learning experience for the Social Development Industry.

What is CPC?

The CSR Professionals Council is a think tank designed for CSR Professionals to network, exchange ideas and grow the CSR field. CPC is a special body giving advice to the GOI on CSR Policy.

We discuss the mistakes, achievements, stories, policy issues and many other activities in the council.

Please find more details on: www.csrcouncil.net

We cover the latest Social Development news to you with CSR Soul.

CSR Soul is a unique CSR Magazine sharing the best CSR learnings for the corporates to follow. With CSR Soul we communicate the views of various CSR leaders from Private and Public Sector and Government Officials.

We enable the decision makers to formulate policies by means of CSR Communications.

CSR Advisors has formulated a CSR rating system based on the parameters sensitively decided by the experts in various social fields. This Rating helps the corporates to benchmark themselves in their industry and gives them an opportunity to show their CSR Edge.